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The live sex aluminum the

An American entrepreneur has created a solution to waiting in airport queues with nowhere other than a dirty floor to live sex sit on or a grubby wall to lean against.Chicago-based Brian Gibson has designed a gadget for luggage that allows travellers to pull out the handles of their roll-on suitcases and convert them into chairs. Mr Gibson is hoping to raise funds night porn on Kickstarter for the bags to be manufactured, and if his goal amount of $120,400 (£74,000) is met then the suitcases could in shops by April next year.Scroll down for video 
Ingeniously simple solution: Brian Gibsons neXstep luggage has a handle which converts into a chair 
Mr Gibson is hoping to raise $120,400 (£74,000) on Kickstarter for the bags to be manufactured. The money raised will fund production of the bags as well as marketing and promotion effortsAccording to their Kickstarter page. the neXstep Luggage System prototype bags have successfully been checked in onto aircraft on several occasions without incident. Mr Gibson also writes that the design has not been denied approval by the Federal Aviation Authority in the US. 
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NeXstep – which Mr Gibson developed in 2009 – can also be used as a suitcase rack when packing or unpacking luggage.The bags will be made from carbon fiber, polycarbonate, ballistic nylon, Cordura, Kevlar and aircraft grade aluminum and will look very similar to the designs on the Kickstarter page. The check-in bag is priced at $324.99 (£202) and the carry-on luggage is $224.99 (£140). neXstep Luggage by Brian Gibson — Kickstarter

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Remains bayan escort threatening the verified

A young girl, rejected by an ancient community, was said to have been buried face down to prevent her spirit bayan escort from rising from the grave at just 13 years of age.Thats the verdict of archaeologists who discovered the childs skeleton escort near a church in northern Italy.They believe she was considered dangerous in the early part of the Middle Ages, perhaps escort bayan due to her pale complexion, or because she had a blood disorder that caused her to faint regularly. vip eskort
A young girl, rejected by an ancient community, was said to have been buried (remains pictured) face down to prevent her spirit from rising from the grave at just 13 years old. Experts believe she was considered dangerous in the Middle Ages, perhaps because of her pale complexion or blood disorderThe remains were discovered by a team of archaeologists from the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology at the Vatican, at the complex of San Calocero in Albenga on the Ligurian Riviera,Italy, Discovery reported. The burial ground was abandoned in 1593 and the girl’s remains are estimated to date from the early Middle Ages, but have not yet been radiocarbon dated.
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Excavation director, Stefano Roascio, explained that so-called prone burials – when people are buried face down – are usually a punishment intended to humiliate the deceased and stop them from rising from the grave.This has led to the Italian media referring to the young girl as a witch – although these claims have not been verified.  
The remains were discovered by a team of archaeologists from the Pontifical Institute of Christian Archaeology at the Vatican, at the complex of San Calocero in Albenga (marked on the map) on the Ligurian Riviera, Italy WHAT ARE PRONE BURIALS? Prone burials are when an individual is buried face-down. Sometimes people were also buried alive looking downwards into the earth.Archaeologists have excavated over 600 bodies buried in this way across the world, and Britain is the hotspot – with over 200 prone burials, Archaeology reported. Caroline Arcini, of Swedens National Heritage Board conducted a large study to find similarities between prone burials.She found that the earliest known case of prone burial is 26,000 years ago in the Czech Republic, while the most recent is thought to be a First World War grave.Collections of prone graves have been found in Europe – particularly during Roman and Viking periods, in Mexico and El Salvador and in Taiwan.While there are instances where people buried in a prone position were treated normally, some experts think the burial was used as a humiliating punishment.Anthropologist Elena Dellù said: ‘The prone burial was linked to the belief that the soul left the body through the mouth. Burying the dead face-down was a way to prevent the impure soul threatening the living.’ Anthropologist Elena Dellù said: ‘The prone burial was linked to the belief that the soul left the body through the mouth. Burying the dead face-down was a way to prevent the impure soul threatening the living.’The ultimate punishment was being buried alive face-down, but in this instance it seems the girl avoided this fate because of the position of her limbs. They show no signs of struggling or a violent death.Dr Dellù noticed that the skeleton has spongy bone tissue on the skull, likely from severe anaemia.‘She could have suffered from an inherited blood disorder such as thalassemia or from haemorrhagic conditions. More simply, it could have been an diet lacking in iron’ she explained.Thalassemia is a form of inherited blood disorder that originated in the Mediterranean region. Its caused by the weakening of red blood cells and people with the disorder suffer from severe anaemia, bone deformities and heart problems. They also tend to be short, similar to the girl whose skeleton was discovered. It could be that the young girl, who was just 5ft tall, scared her community because of her pale colouring, possible haematomas – the collection of blood outside the blood vessels, usually in liquid form within the tissue – and fainting.The find is particularly unusual because she was buried just in front of a church.Dr Roascio said that a similar burial of a teenage was found in front of a church in Pava near Siena, Italy.Prone burials are relatively unusual. The earliest known burial of this time was done 26,000 years ago and occurred as recently as the last century.Caroline Arcini of Swedens National Heritage Board believes that prone burials are a deep-seated conscious act that can be seen across different cultures and religions.
Spongy bones indicate that the girl may have suffered from an inherited blood disorder such as thalassemia or from haemorrhagic conditions. This might have caused her to faint and be very pale. This could have convinced superstitious locals in the Middle Ages to stay away from her. Blood from a patient with thalassemia is pictured
Read more:
Current Archaeology – Buried face down: Prone Burials
Skeleton of Possible Witch Girl Found : Discovery News

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A now this child porno fund

A race to find the cure for the ebola virus has thrown the spotlight on biotech firms. Healthcare funds have child porno skyrocketed in recent years. Polar Capital Healthcare would have turned £1,000 into £2,401 in just three years.Axa Framlington Biotech – escort bayan the top performer out of every UK fund over that period – would have made £2,783. And by investing in porn these funds you can back some of the companies which are pioneering vital cures for chronic illnesses.Hepatitis CThe virus which escort destroys the liver is transferred by blood, and often a result of sharing needles.
Under a microscope: Healthcare funds look to pioneering firmsIn the US some 1.4million were diagnosed last year, and it is estimated that the same amount again went undiagnosed.Until now treatments have had cure rates of around 45pc and come with severe side effects.A new drug – Sovaldi – has become the fastest selling drug of all time after bringing the cure rate to almost 100 per cent.Linden Thomson, manager of the Axa Framlington Biotech fund, says: ‘In 2007 more people in the US died from hep C than from HIV. This drug has been a huge driver for the share prices of Gilead, which owns the product.’First year sales of Sovaldi are expected to top £6.25billion.FibrosisFibrosis is caused by fattiness on the liver, which is becoming more common due to rising levels of obesity. The liver can regenerate and repair itself but fibrosis occurs when it can no longer do this fast enough to tackle the damage.Fibrosis can lead to cirrhosis and ultimately cancer. ‘At the moment all doctors can recommend is diet and exercise. A new product is moving into the final phase of trials next year and if that’s successful it will reverse the disease,’ says Thomson.But even at this stage there is only a 50 per cent chance of the drug being approved for market.OncologyTheres a huge amount of work around cancer, especially immunotherapy. This aims to kick start your immune system into attacking the tumour, which the body does not recognise as a disease. 
RUTH SUNDERLAND: Why bank clean-up is now long overdue
ALEX BRUMMER: Dark clouds over the FTSE as exports continue to disappoint amid eurozone woes and ebola epidemic
‘People are very excited about the theoretical idea about turning on a person’s immune system to enable it to kill the cells,’ says Gareth Powell, manager of the Polar Capital Healthcare fund.Bristol-Myers Squibb, Merck, Roche and AstraZeneca are working on this.Antibiotic resistanceIn the future you could survive a chronic disease such as cancer only to die from a simple infection after grazing your knee.‘After antibiotics were developed, the industry felt the problem of infection was solved and moved on to chronic illnesses. Now infections have mutated,’ says Thomson.Smaller firms including Cubist, Cempra, Tetraphase and Achaogen are working on the issue. If they make breakthroughs they could be bought by larger firms, which would boost share prices.Alzheimer’sAlzheimer’s is expected to cost £620bn every year in the US by 2050. If the symptoms could be delayed by just five years that figure would halve. But it is still not entirely clear what causes the disease or how it progresses. Because of that there is nothing specific drug companies can look to target.‘If someone could do something about Alzheimer’s it would be the biggest drug in the world,’ says Powell.GenesNext Generation Frequency is the scientific name for looking at a person’s DNA and spotting mutations in their genes, which show if they have a predisposition to a particular disease. ‘For example,’ says Powell, ‘in cancer, if you can identify those cells then you can target and destroy those rather than just treating the tumour they are causing. It is truly personalised medicine.’DiabetesDiabetes is increasingly common as obesity levels rise.Powell says better scan imaging could be a major innovation.‘Often scans can’t detect blood flow clearly enough so diabetic patients have amputations because it looks like their limb is dying.‘If we can see better, we can see it might just be a blockage which could be easily fixed.’Continual glucose monitoring is also being researched. Rather than manually prick your finger several times a day to test sugar levels, a sensor would be planted under the skin sending a signal to a device in your pocket. This alerts the user when their glucose levels dip.EthicsFor many, the idea of effectively making millions out of other people’s misery won’t sit well.Investors are making a fortune from some of these shares, as are the firms – for example, Sovaldi originally sold for $1,000 per pill.Thomson says: ‘Companies are spending hundreds of billions of pounds developing these drugs and many will never make it to market. They have to price those failures in or they wouldn’t make any money.’Powell adds: ‘There are a lot of moral and philosophical issues when investing in these companies, and it’s not something you have to consider when you invest in any other industry.’■ Recent years have been successful for these managers but investors should be careful when considering these funds. It is still an incredibly risky sector. 

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To networks display porno application

Apple has patented a flexible display screen that could one day be used to create digital magazines and billboards.The patent porno describes a digital periodical that can also double as an in store sign or billboard.It is controlled by simply flexing porno or bending the display, and information can be sent to it via mobile phone networks.  
The smart paper could replace traditional magazines, and unlike a tablet, would be flexible. HOW IT COULD WORK Firms such as Samsung are already developing foldable screen technology.Apples version has a housing on each side.Rather that buttons, it is controlled simply by flexing the paper.The system can also link to mobile phone networks to download new content to display.  The patent was one of 31 US Patent and Trademark Office newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today.A mobile electronic device having a flexible display device is disclosed, the application says.A request to retrieve information from a server over a wireless network is triggered based on flexing the flexible display device and other gestures. This could be a revolutionary new Apple device that they refer to as a digital periodical said Patently Apple, which analysed the application
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The unit can also act as an advertising display for a retail store application and beyond.One of the initial uses is believed to be for digital magazines. 
The patent application shows off a flexible screen with a housing at either side. It can show content sent to it from a mobile phone.Although the availability of multimedia information is ubiquitous, proper viewing, display, and delivery of information for an enjoyable user experience is still lacking the patent says.This is especially the case for viewing periodicals such as online magazines or news content on a mobile device where a large display is desirable.Moreover, having complex software and hardware is required to receive and display multimedia periodical information on present mobile devices making them expensive, heavy, and power intensive.
The new smart screens could replace existing digital signs, allowing them do be updating using Apples existing ad networks.Apple also addresses billboard signs in the application. Digital fixed advertising display systems are commonplace in urban environments. However, widespread use of these systems is not commonplace since they require a fixed power source and wired network connection.   
Meet the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from Apple (related)

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As and escort bayan my rest

Most of us have a tub of it at the back of a kitchen cupboard, but apart from the odd escort bayan teaspoon used to help a cake rise, bicarbonate of soda is nearly a forgotten ingredient.Now, a TV thrift expert has bayan escort put humble bicarb under the spotlight by insisting it can replace nearly all modern household cleaning products.Heather McGregor, known as escort Mrs Moneypenny, says families can save hundreds of pounds a year by ditching fancy sprays and packets in favour of eskort using bicarb around the house.Scroll down for video 
Families can save hundreds of pounds a year by ditching fancy sprays and packets in favour of using bicarb around the houseIts neutralising properties can eliminate odours in fridges, clothes and carpets, while its granular texture helps with scrubbing. Because it is alkaline, it can dissolve grime, too. In fact, most commercial household products work this way.
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But is bicarb really all you need for a sparkling home? I teamed up with cleaning expert Aggie MacKenzie to find out how it tackled household nasties, from a greasy oven to grubby carpets. This is how I got on . . .
Cleaning an oven door can be an arduous task but bicarbonate of soda cuts through the greaseGLASS OVEN DOORFew jobs fill me with more dread than cleaning the glass oven door, something I normally do with a spray cleaner.To put me off further, there are conflicting views on whether the oven should be warm or cold or to use dry bicarbonate of soda or a paste made with water.I decide to attack when the oven is warm, not hot, and to wipe the glass with a damp cloth first. Then I sprinkle dry powder over half the door and use a paste with the consistency of thick icing on the rest.DOES IT WORK? After a couple of hours, the paste turns brown as it absorbs the grease. The dry version is having no discernible effect.When I wipe both sides clean with a cloth, some — but not all — of the dirt has been dislodged, most from the paste side.AGGIE SAYS: Dry powder won’t work on its own. Making a paste and leaving it on a warm oven door or oven bottom works, but you need some abrasion, too.The best thing for a glass door is a plastic DIY scraper, the type you use to remove ice on your car windscreen in winter. It doesn’t scratch the glass and is really satisfying! 6/10
A charm bracelet that has become tarnished can regain its shineTARNISHED SILVERI own a silver charm bracelet, that needs a clean. I make a paste of three parts bicarb to one part warm water (until it resembles fondant icing) and apply to the charms with a cloth. Then rinse.DOES IT WORK? My charms are glistening, but I found the paste messy and fiddly.I think I will stick to a silver cloth in future.AGGIE SAYS: I’ve never used bicarbonate of soda directly on silver before. I’ve used a handful of washing soda crystals in a bowl filled with hot water and lined with tin foil.You chuck the silver in the bowl and the dirt comes off really quickly and clings to the foil.That would be quicker than making a paste and having to get into every nook and cranny, possibly missing a few bits. 7/10
Sprinkle bicarb liberally on a dirty carpet, then let it set overnight or leave for as long as possibleFILTHY CARPETSThe instruction is to sprinkle bicarb liberally on the carpet, then let it set overnight or leave for as long as possible. Next, you sweep up as much as you can with a brush, then vacuum up the rest.I sprinkle the bicarb on a beige bedroom carpet that has become dull over time, then vacuum it up after three hours.DOES IT WORK? This is one of the tests I was most dubious about, but am thrilled to note my carpet looks a lot brighter and smells really fresh. I am sure leaving it on overnight, though a hassle, would yield even better results.And it is has none of the chemical smell that follows a professional clean.AGGIE SAYS: This works well on nasty spills: you mop up the worst, then sprinkle what’s left with bicarbonate of soda, leave overnight to neutralise the smell, then sweep up with a dustpan and brush, then vacuum up the residue.It’s much better than using a special product because if you don’t rinse properly after applying those you are left with a residue that attracts more dirt. 9/10
Cleaning with baking powder: What you need to know
Bicarbonate of soda leaves a dirty wall looking clean and without removing any paintCan a dab of bicarbonate of soda on a damp cloth really remove my children’s artistic scrawlings from a pure white wall?I seriously doubt it. I usually just slap more emulsion over the top to hide the mess!DOES IT WORK? It comes off instantly, leaving my wall looking clean and without removing any paint. The only problem is the rest of the wall now looks dirty in comparison!AGGIE SAYS: The abrasive quality in the bicarb works well here, but be careful of the finish on your wall. Don’t scrub too hard or you could end up losing a few layers of paint as well. 10/10BLOCKED SINKThis looked like a chemistry experiment when I saw it on YouTube — all dramatic froth — so I was eager to try unblocking my sink with half a cup of bicarbonate of soda followed by two cups of white wine vinegar.If it didn’t work at least it would entertain the children.The alkaline bicarb reacts with the acidic vinegar, producing a volcano of froth that dislodges any grime blocking the drain.DOES IT WORK? The water level beneath my kitchen sink plughole has definitely gone down, but unfortunately my kitchen smells like a fish and chip shop.AGGIE SAYS: Better would be bicarb mixed with washing soda and vinegar, because the soda crystals have even better cleaning properties and help soften the water in hard water areas. Follow this with a kettle of boiling water.Double the amount of washing soda to bicarb because washing soda is a de-greaser. 8/10
The glistening result is worth it and with no nasty chemical smell eitherSTAINED CUPSI am told all I need is some bicarb, a clean damp cloth and elbow grease to return my cups to new.DOES IT WORK? Some of my mugs are in such a sorry state it takes a good ten minutes and a lot of energetic scrubbing with a scourer and bicarb to return them to their former glory.But the glistening result is worth it and with no nasty chemical smell either.AGGIE SAYS: This works really well because the bicarb crystals are abrasive and much nicer to use than bleach. I think there’s something weird about putting bleach inside a cup from which you’ll be drinking. 10/10GREASY COMBSAnyone with daughters will know how grubby little girls’ brushes and combs can get — especially when they insist on styling their friends’ and dolls’ hair with them.To remove natural oil build-up, I mix a teaspoon of bicarb in a small basin of warm water, soak the brushes until the water cools, then rinse and leave to dry.DOES IT WORK? All the dirt and grit is gone and there is much less rinsing involved than my normal solution of soaking brushes and combs in soapy water.
Anyone with daughters will know how grubby little girls’ brushes and combs can get — especially when they insist on styling their friends’ and dolls’ hair with themAGGIE SAYS: The bicarb gets rid of any traces of oil and that musty smell you sometimes get from combs and brushes because it neutralises the odour. 9/10SMELLY SPONGESI get through washing-up sponges at a terrific rate. But they can get smelly, so I am keen to see if soaking them in 4tbsp bicarb dissolved in a quart of warm water can freshen them up.DOES IT WORK? My sponges look and smell like new!AGGIE SAYS: Absorbing smells is one of bicarb’s best properties. 9/10SCHOOL SHIRTSMy childrens white school polo shirts are the bane of my life and I’ve spent a mint on expensive whitening powders that you add to the powder dispenser.This time I toss them into the washing machine with half a cup of bicarbonate of soda instead and my usual liquid wash in the drum, convinced it won’t make any difference.DOES IT WORK? Much to my surprise, a hot chocolate stain on my youngest son’s polo shirt is almost completely gone.This result is just as good as pre-scrubbing with a Vanish bar or adding whitening powders.AGGIE SAYS: I’ve never heard of this before, but the added abrasion in the bicarbonate of soda probably helps. 7/10GRUBBY TEDDYMy six-year-old son loves stuffed toys — so much that he insists on buying second-hand ones from local fairs.I’ve never been keen on this, knowing the abuse our own soft toys come in for, so am keen to try anything that might freshen up a toy of dubious origins.The internet recommends giving your cuddly toys a dry shower of bicarbonate of soda, letting them sit for 15 minutes then brushing off.DOES IT WORK? I can’t really see — or smell — any difference in the tattered Teletubby after a bicarb shower, but it might give me peace of mind. However, this method has done nothing to remove grubby fingerprints from a white rabbit I also treated.AGGIE SAYS: I’d stick the toys in the washing machine to clean them thoroughly. 4/10 

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Arsenal to prove today

Arsene Wenger will one day sit down, take a deep breath and remember his remarkably long career at Arsenal. But that will have to wait until he finally calls time on his reign.The 64-year-old celebrates 18 years since he took over the north London club on Wednesday, but insists he does not have time to look back over almost two decades there — especially with a crucial Champions League group stage game against Galatasaray marking his anniversary.He is one of the last of a dying breed of long-standing managers who were afforded time and patience to build an empire, watch it grow, nurture it, then start over again when it floundered.
Arsene Wenger celebrates 18 years as Arsenal manager on Wednesday but is only looking forward for now
Alan Pardew is the next longest-serving manager in the Premier League having been in his job just four yearsAlan Pardew at Newcastle is the closest boss in the top flight to the Frenchman — with just four seasons at the helm — but his tenure is dangerously close to ending.Wenger said: ‘It’s a great honour and privilege to be in charge of such a big club for such a long time, but I have no time to look back right now, I will do it at another time. I never look back. What is always your target is to take the maximum potential out of the team.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ARSENE The Arsenal manager celebrates his 18th year in charge at Arsenal on Wednesday. Here are some of his key numbers:1,021 Games in charge at Arsenal. He has won 590, drawn 230 and lost 201.13 Trophies won by Wenger at Arsenal: three League titles, five FA Cups and five Community Shields.1,880 Arsenal goals under Wenger — an average of 1.84 per game.1,353 Premier League points won. Only Sir Alex Ferguson (1,752) has more.1st In 1998, Wenger became the first foreign manager to win the English league title.57.8 Overall Arsenal win percentage.The only thing I would say this season is that this team has huge potential and it has to come out. At the moment I am more worried about that.’He added: ‘For the rest, Champions League evolution, maybe it was more open 15 years ago than it is today. The concentration of the big players in a small number of clubs is much more than it was before.‘It’s much more predictable, the outcome of the Champions League, than it was 10 years ago. It’s harder to win it. If you make a poll tomorrow and say to people “Give me four clubs who will win the Champions League”, 80 or 90 per cent of people will say they are these four clubs.‘I don’t think that we are one of the four who will be favourites to win it, but football is strange and not always predictable.’Arsenal Facebook page. 
Kieran Gibbs (left) trains alongside teammates Danny Welbeck and Ozil before the Galatasaray clash
The young left-back has been superb so far this season for Arsenal and could be in line for an England call 
Galatasaray midfielder Blerim Dzemaili says they will be fearless against Arsenal in Champions League clash
Arsene Wenger showed no faith in me at Arsenal and I dont have anything to prove in England, claims Gervinho ahead of Roma clash with Man City
Galatasaray squad looking sharp as they arrive in England to face Arsenal  
The Premier League talent factory: Meet the up-and-coming stars given their chance in the top flight this season… and who will be next to emerge at your club?  
Jack Wilshere gives Arsenal boost as midfielder trains ahead of Galatasaray clash… and Theo Walcott also makes an appearance
Olivier Giroud signs new £80,000-a-week Arsenal contract to extend north London stay until 2018 
Andre Santos becomes latest player to join the Indian Super League after signing deal to team up with Robert Pires at FC Goa
Mikel Arteta keen to take up Arsenal offer of new one-year deal to stay at Emirates

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Are alma can cool

San Francisco (CNN) — Wayne Sutton has been asking venture-capital investors and Silicon Valley executives a question thats not often broached here in the epicenter of the technology industry:
Why arent there more black people in tech?
The vast majority of top executives at the leading Silicon Valley tech firms are white men. Women and Asians have made some inroads, but African-American and Latino tech leaders remain a rarity. About 1% of entrepreneurs who received venture capital in the first half of last year are black, according to a study by research firm CB Insights.
This lack of diversity in Silicon Valley made headlines last month when influential tech blogger Michael Arrington, in an interview for CNNs upcoming documentary Black in America: The New Promised Land: Silicon Valley, said, I dont know a single black entrepreneur. Arrington later recanted the statement, saying he was caught off guard by the question, but the sensitive issue sparked a public dispute between the newly minted venture capitalist and CNNs Soledad OBrien.

NewMe co-founder Wayne Sutton, center, works on his laptop at a coffee shop with fellow entrepeneurs.

Its an issue that Sutton, who co-founded the NewMe Accelerator for under-represented minorities in the tech industry and is also building a software company, has been grappling with for months.
NewMe is an incubator program formed to help minorities launch Internet ventures. For two months last summer, Sutton and seven other black entrepreneurs worked together in a rented house in Mountain View, California, where they got advice from successful executives and pitched their startup ideas to investors.
The venture capitalists, including business-software designer Mitch Kapor, told them the struggles of blacks in the tech industry might be attributed to a concept called pattern matching, which is prevalent in venture-capital circles and yet alien to the rest of the business world.
Silicon Valley really likes to think of itself as a meritocracy, Kapor said. In fact, the general state of Silicon Valley is completely backwards, he said.
A true meritocracy?
Pattern matching comes from a computer-science exercise in which a system looks for common attributes within reams of data. Its companion is pattern recognition, a term that some investors use interchangeably but which describes a less precise method.
In the business of investing, pattern matching defines a technique for figuring out which human traits, corporate makeup and financial projections are the foundations for the next Facebook or other big Internet success. The criteria can include a founders track record, personality type and alma mater, which market the company is targeting and how its peers are performing, and how quickly the business is expected to grow and begin collecting revenue.
Commonly, these successful founders are white computer-science graduates of Stanford University or a similar elite school.
Many of the top venture-capital firms use some form of pattern matching, but no two use precisely the same data sets. The firms typically dont disclose what exactly goes into their formulas because they see their patterns as trade secrets.
But Suttons NewMe co-founder, Angela Benton, wonders whether pattern matching, which critics say favors the status quo over change, is a veiled form of racism.
I was offended by it, said Benton, who is also starting a company, in an interview with CNN. Im black. Im a woman. I have kids. I might as well go home.
People familiar with the pattern-matching process say race is not explicitly a factor, nor is gender.
Most VCs I know pride themselves on the idea that to be a good investor, you have to learn those skills, said Cindy Padnos, who founded a venture capital firm called Illuminate Ventures. Her company says in its creed, We dont rely on pattern recognition.

NewMe founders Angela Benton, left, and Wayne Sutton discuss their project.

I have no doubt that most of what we see happening in the high-tech community is completely unintentional bias, and yet, we all have to recognize (that) unintentional or not, we are all born with it, Padnos said. Undoubtedly, the unintentional bias comes into play when they look at the 15 (startups) they did (invest in) and the five that succeeded big-time, when the ones that succeeded were led by white males. That somehow seeps into the equation.
Race still a factor?
These methods dont necessarily explain why so few blacks, Latinos and women lead tech companies when compared to the number of white-male execs.
Padnos and her venture firm have researched and advocated for hiring and funding more tech companies led by women. She says she has strived to diversify her 40-person advisory committee and her relatively small investment portfolio, but neither has an African-American.
High-placed female execs like Googles Marissa Mayer and Facebooks Sheryl Sandberg have advocated on their own for women, and women continue to break into the top executive ranks. Their recent successes, and the rise of Chinese and Indian tech leaders, could provide a model for other minorities in the United States who are hitting roadblocks in their quests to start Internet companies, industry experts say.
But their hard-earned victories have not come easily.
We live in a society where race is still a factor, said Rey Ramsey, an African-American man who runs a political lobbying firm for the tech industry called TechNet. Referencing Facebooks famous young founder, he added, Were waiting for the black Zuckerberg.
A few standout black leaders have emerged in tech over the years, said Charles Moore, an African-American who founded Rocket Lawyer, a startup that offers online legal documents and advice. He cited Frank Greene, a pioneering semiconductor engineer turned venture capitalist who died in 2009, and Charles Phillips Jr., the former Oracle co-president, as inspirations.
Race has not really been a factor in a material way in my career, said Moore, whose company is backed by Google Ventures, the search giants venture capital arm. I think that Silicon Valley is a place where you can work hard and be smart and have some luck, which everybody needs. And if you have those things, you can succeed, regardless of your race or gender or other demographic profile.
Data-driven investing
Google Ventures has extolled the virtues of its data-driven approach to investing, in which it draws patterns from past home runs. For example, the firm has learned, as it told the New York Times in July, that successful entrepreneurs are more likely to create the spark again and that startups located far from the offices of their investors are more likely to succeed.
Traditionally, the venture business is highly driven by qualitative assessments, said Bill Maris, Google Ventures managing partner, recently at a conference. Were trying to also look quantitatively, and apply some data tools and metrics around some questions that make natural sense to us to try and look at.
A longtime venture capitalist, who declined to speak on the record, said pattern matching, when applied correctly, is designed to spot the rare talent that may hit it big, not promote sameness. It has nothing to do with race, he said.
Many of the top venture firms have said publicly that they use pattern matching to identify potentially successful startups. But when contacted by CNN, they were reluctant to talk about it. Spokespeople for several high-profile venture firms, including Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, did not return requests for comment on this story.
Ben Horowitz, who founded his venture firm with Marc Andreessen, wrote on his blog last year that he understands the value of pattern matching, which allows investors to recognize patterns of strategy and behavior that generally work, and patterns that generally fail, although he thinks it has limits.
Sequoia Capitals Michael Moritz has said that age is a factor his firm considers when deciding who to invest in.
New Venture Partners, a New Jersey-based firm with an office in Silicon Valley, uses pattern matching, said partner Daniel Deeney in an interview. But race is not a factor, he said, and several companies New Venture has invested in have black leaders. He said New Ventures investments tend to go into the telecom industry, where AT&T, Lucent and others have fostered corporate diversity programs that have fostered minority-led startups.
A racial divide with no clear explanation
Little research has been done on the topic of race in the tech industry. Some observers, including Ramsey, wonder whether the lack of racial diversity can be blamed on hiring practices at tech juggernauts such as Apple, Facebook and Google, none of which cooperated with a request by CNNMoney for employee diversity statistics.

Seasoned Web entrepreneur Hank Williams, left, talking with NewMe co-founder Angela Benton.

The tech industry is pretty clubby, said Hank Williams, an African-American entrepreneur in the NewMe program who had success in the Internet boom of the 1990s. There are really no people of color in Silicon Valley.
Others say the issue could be rooted deep within the black community. The NewMe co-founders said African-American families dont typically encourage business leaders or programmers to pursue interests in tech.
The African-American community is like, Oh, nobody is going to give you money to make a website, Sutton said. Its almost like stupid, or not cool.
Still others, like the founder of Kapor Capital, say risk-aversion within venture capital stifles changes in the demographics of entrepreneurs chosen to be financed.
African-American candidates are much more likely not to match the pattern, said Kapor, who hosted NewMes demo day at his office. To recognize the truth is to accept that the winners at the top did so through a rigged game.
His wife, Freada Kapor Klein, a longtime adviser to tech firms on racial diversity in employment, believes people of different racial or ethnic backgrounds can solve problems with technology that others cant because of perspectives learned during their upbringings. Firms that recognize this, she said, should have an edge on less open-minded rivals.

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Fabrics underground the twitter

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(CNN) — Naledi means star in Tswana, one of the languages spoken in Botswana. So when Kemi Kalikawe gave her lifestyle store that name, she decided to add a sparkle to her business.
My brand is Africa revamped, she says. Africa getting a modern twist and just bringing the West and Africa together and marrying them into something beautiful.
Kalikawe grew up in Botswana, as the name of her store suggests, but her business is in the thumping heart of Tanzanias biggest city, Dar es Salaam.
Funky fabrics
Shoppers who visit her store find jewelry, sandals and vibrantly-colored outfits on the shelves. Some of Kalikawes garments even use indigenous Tanzanian fabrics like the Khanga and Kitenge.
I make dresses, I cater mostly for women, Kalikawe explains, and I do jewelry and also sandals, which have all got an influence of African fabrics.
Revamping African fashion for the future
Whilst taking a tour of the store, Kalikawe points out one her favorite dresses, I love it because it defies what Tanzanians think of the Tanzanian Kitenge, which is funky, its stylish, and it can be worn anywhere.
With such a variety of designs, fabrics and patterns on display its clear that Kalikawes work is her passion. Sometimes I see a fabric and it just speaks to me, she says. So I take that and start thinking of what I can do to bring out its beauty.
Career change
As a child, Kalikawe dreamed of working in the design industry, but she ended up studying marketing in England. She soon realized she wasnt cut out for the advertising world and moved to Kenya to study interior design.
My brand is Africa Revamped. Africa getting a modern twist and just bringing the West and Africa together

Kemi Kalikawe, Naledi owner
The school that I was going to also had fashion design. I ended up wanting to find ways of promoting fashion designers and so I put on a show for them, she explains. When I came back to Tanzania, I worked with the British Council… and my job was to find underground fashion talent and put them on the stage. Thats how I ended up making my own dresses… and the people that would come to the show loved my clothes.
That background is reflected in her store, where she promotes other entrepreneurs alongside her own creations. I choose to include other designers because there isnt particularly a space where designers can showcase their work, Kalikawe says.
Its expensive to open your own store. So this was something that gave me that chance to promote other designers plus sell my own things, she adds.
Like Kalikawe, many women in Africa are capitalizing on their entrepreneurial skills. In fact, the continent leads the world in the number of women starting businesses, with almost equal levels of male and female entrepreneurs.
Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2013 Global ReportINEZ TORRE/CNN
Overall, Africa has a higher proportion of female entrepreneurs compared to other regions, with Nigeria and Zambia (both 40.7%) topping the charts. The stats reveal that countries like the United States (10.4%), the UK (5.5%), and France (3.1%) have a less equal business landscape.
Overcoming obstacles
Over its six year lifespan, Nalendi Lifestyle has established a reputation and a steady stream of clients. But it wasnt always so easy for Kalikawe.
I had to find a place that was close to my customers, so I shopped around for different places where I could share with somebody who had an existing space and they were not using it. I had to do a lot of convincing when I finally got the space that I am in now, she remembers.
But getting a physical presence wasnt the only obstacle Kalikawe had to overcome. She says that creating advertising and getting people to know that her shop was there took time. Its lucky that I am right by the road, so that way when people pass by I put mannequins outside with my dresses.
While she has faced difficulties, Kalikawe has no regrets; I totally love what I do, she says. From a kid, Ive always known I was going to work in the industry; in design industry somehow. I am so fortunate that I am actually doing what I love to do.
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